Brackets Tutorial

Follow this 8-step tutorial to learn how to open a project in Brackets and use the Live Preview feature to work on your A-Frame scenes.

Step 1/8

Unzip the downloadable source code folder of any workshop challenge in the Workshops Resources.

Step 2/8

Open the unzipped source code folder from the Brackets Sidebar.

Step 3/8

Select the unzipped source code folder (or your personal project folder).

Step 4/8

The project folder has now been loaded in Brackets.

Step 5/8

Double-click on any HTML file.

Step 6/8

Launch the Brackets Live Preview.

Step 7/8

Make sure the Live Preview is working.


Double-check that the Live Preview is always ON (when OFF, you will need to refresh the browser window to see the changes in your scene).

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