Learn A-Frame And Get Ready For WebVR

Welcome to my A-Frame course, where you will be learning how to create and test your first WebVR scenes on any device within a couple of hours!


By enrolling in this A-Frame course, you will learn how to use the Mozilla web framework for building awesome cross-platform Virtual Reality experiences.

The course is structured to cover all the knowledge you need to get started with A-Frame and be able to:
• Understand the basic syntax
• Transform the objects in your scene
• Modify the virtual environment
• Load and display 3D models
• Use standard and semantic animation
• Interact with the objects
• Use locomotion and teleportation
• Modify the controls
• Load and play audio and video
• Compose and register components
• Use JavaScript to control entities
• Test WebVR scenes on any device

For each lecture, you will be provided with the full source code that you can freely use as a template for your own projects.

The course also includes some extra valuable resources to provide you with:
• Web links to resources used in the lectures
• Web links to FREE 3D models and 3D modeling software
• Web links to VR-related websites

Finally, the course will be constantly updated with new content, projects, and resources, so you can think of it as a subscription to a never-ending supply of A-Frame training!