Epic Medieval Battle

My entry for the WebVR Experience Challenge 2018 organised by Mozilla and Sketchfab, which was one of the 3 winners achieving the 3rd place!

Through a series of Agile sprints, user tests, and iterations, the work included:
• Designing the concept
• Choosing the right music for the experience
• Casting the characters of the two teams
• Selecting and assigning the animations in Mixamo
• Tweaking the animations to be in sync with the music
• Importing and organising the animations in Blender
• Exporting the animated 3D models to glb format
• Coding the A-Frame scene using HTML
• Setting the 3D scene in the virtual environment
• Writing custom components using JavaScript
• Merging geometries in Blender to reduce draw calls
• Decimating faces and vertices in Blender to improve FPS
• Styling the splash, the credits, and the thank you pages using CSS

I have designed and developed the whole project using only gaze-based interactions to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore you can try this WebVR experience using any types of VR headset, from the entry-level Google Cardboard to the high-end HTC Vive.


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