Cannon Turret

A cannon turret game designed for all Oculus 6DOF devices. I built this app to put to practice some hand interaction I developed in my series of experiments dedicated to hand presence.

This project is still WIP and currently in its alpha version, so you can come back in the future to give it a try when it will be available online.

Version 0.3.0

In the current version, I implemented a flying enemy, its random movement and spawning, and its weapon continuously aiming at the turret.

Prototype details on Twitter

Version 0.2.0

In this version, I implemented the fire button, the projectile, the ballistics, and the impact effect.

Prototype details on Twitter

Version 0.1.0

In this version, I used some placeholders to define the position of the main elements (player seat and levers) and implemented the controls to rotate the turret and change the angle of the main weapon.

Prototype details on Twitter