XRAD Remote Positioning

Project created in team with the AR developer Alberto Taiuti for the #SCAPEHACK 2019 organised by Scape Technologies in London.
Our project won the Community Vote Award!

WebVR remote positioning for AR visualisation.

XRAD Remote Positioning is the first platform using WebVR in combination with AR for context-aware remote placement of any content on 3D maps and real-time visualisation in the real world.

For the remote positioning of the objects in WebVR, we used A-Frame and a high detail 3D model of a London area created by AccuCities, which made it possible for us to achieve unprecedented precision.

The same 3D content is then made available in real time to other users who can view it in the real world through their AR-capable devices.

To localise the iPhone device and display the AR content we used the Scape Technologies hyper-accurate visual positioning service.

Due to the nature of this Hack, the project will not be shared publicly.

Designed and developed by Team XRAD at the #SCAPEHACK in London, March 2019.

• Danilo Pasquariello | @theDart76
• Alberto Taiuti | @albtaiuti

Scape Technologies | Hyper-accurate location powered by computer vision.
AccuCities | High detail 3D model of London (Luke Street area).

© 2019 Danilo Pasquariello and Alberto Taiuti