WebVR Projects

Projects that I have created for collaborations, competitions, hackathons, but also continuously WIP projects which I will keep developing over time.

XRAD Remote Positioning

Project created in team with the AR developer Alberto Taiuti for the #SCAPEHACK 2019 organised by Scape Technologies in London. Our project won the Community Vote Award!


MVP created to promote Simbol, a social API for VR on the Web. This WebVR experience was designed and coded to introduce people to basic WebVR concepts and features.

WebVR Scene Editor

Enter VR mode and start playing with my WebVR Scene Editor to create and transform primitives and populate the scene: you will learn how important designing at actual scale is!

Gear Of War

Entry for the js13KGames 2018 competition, a cover-based combat game designed and coded specifically for Gear VR (it also works on Oculus Go and other 3DOF devices).

Epic Medieval Battle

Entry for the WebVR Experience Challenge 2018 organised by Mozilla and Sketchfab, which was one of the 3 winners achieving the 3rd place!